• August 23, 2023
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Carbon Fiber Ebikes – Unrivaled Performance with 30-50 Nm Torque

Experience unparalleled speed and handling with our new carbon fiber electric bikes. These ebikes boast strong yet lightweight full carbon frames that provide an incredible stiffness-to-weight ratio. High torque mid-drive motors generate 30-50 Nm of twist for exhilarating acceleration and hill climbing power. Oversized disc brakes provide superior stopping power when riding at top speed.

Carbon fiber ebikes

Thoughtfully engineered components equip these carbon ebikes for performance. The integrated LED display provides real-time speed, distance, battery level and more. The removable lithium battery packs conveniently click in and out of the frame for charging. Suspension forks smooth out bumps and vibration. And the durable carbon belt drive requires no maintenance.

When your rides demand the pinnacle of efficiency, speed and handling, our high-end carbon ebikes deliver. Their incredibly stiff, lightweight frames put all your pedaling power to the rear wheel. Powerful mid-drive motors produce massive torque for impressive acceleration. Experience the unparalleled thrill and performance of a finely-tuned carbon fiber electric bike.

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